Black Leather Sofas - Luxury & Elegance

If you're looking for the ultimate creature comfort then these black leather sofas are the perfect way to unwind after a hard day, sit back and sink into the comfortable and plush cushions. You're only problem now is finding a way to get back up off your brand new black leather sofa.

We have a huge range of black leather sofas and it's always expanding so be sure to check back to see our latest deals. Why not take a look at some of our latest black leather sofa deals, simply click on the new sofa links to your right. is the UKs #1 site for any kinds of black sofa.

Melbury Black Fabric 3 Seater Sofa

Looking for a comfortable and stylish sofa for your living room? The Melbury three seater is totally luxurious. With a faux leather base and fabulous chenille fabric cushions trimmed in contrasting colouring piping, this sofa is simply exquisite.

At an affordable price, the Melbury comes with three comfortable cushions, one of which is in an elegant [...]

Black Leather Couches

The Hampshire is one more model from that offers customers a premium layout at a knockdown price. Sturdy sufficient to withstand family members life though soft adequate to supply many years of comfort. Featuring enclosed seat cushions width a padded arm rest and back cushions with lumbar support.

The Hampshire is a sumptuous leather sofa [...]

Cheap Corner Sofas

The Oxford right hand corner sofa is a classically styled sofa that works well with both contemporary and conventional decors. Upholstered in stylish black fabric, it offers flexibility in style with reversible pillows that are plain on one side and patterned on the other. The lovely floral design on the patterned side of the pillows [...]

Arizona 2 Seater Black Fabric Sofa

As part of a luxurious range, the two seater Arizona creates an optimistic haven. Upholstered with top quality chenille, the Arizona is a black and white textured sofa that has a modern and fabulous style.

A stylish, modern day layout completed in soft fabric and readily available in black or brown. The Arizona fabric sofa combines [...]

Cheap Black Sofas - Sofas from just £139

On a budget? Looking for a black sofa that is affordable, stylish and comfortable? Then our range of cheap black sofas offer all the comfort and style of all our other sofas, but they start at just £139! Perfect for students or smaller flats these black sofas offer tremendous value for money whilst also being suitable for almosy any surroundings.

Most of our cheap black sofas are upholstered in durable and comfortable fabric, this makes them alot cheaper than our black leather sofas - Don't let that fool you though as these black sofas offer tremendous durability and comfort all in one affordable package. We have a full range of 2 seater and 3 seater sofas.

Black Armchairs & Recliners - Relax in Style

What living room would be complete without a matching armchair? Here at we also have a fantastic range of black armchairs and recliners, perfectly suited to match with your new black sofa. Below we have selected some of our best selling black armchairs, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our latest offers and deals on the right.

Furnish your Bedroom with Black Leather Beds

Make your bedroom match your living room with premium black leather beds from, these are available from just over £100. I especially like this black ottoman bed, it's kind of futuristic looking.